Always good to know your rights

Flex Your has put together a handy Citizen’s Guide to Refusing New York Subway Searches. If you’re going to be riding the subway, check it out.
It is always important to know, celebrate, and defend your rights as an individual. Seems to me that’s part of being an American.
Radley Balko notes that Jeff Jarvis is fine with the searches.

And what precisely is the privacy problem? If the cops catch you carrying something illegal, well, you shouldn’t be carrying anything illegal. If they catch you carrying the latest Playboy — or, more embarrassing, Radar — then don’t worry; they’ve seen worse.

Sure thing, Jeff. You won’t mind then if we go through your nightstand and closets? Or do a body cavity search on you? After all, if you haven’t done anything illegal, why should you worry? Yep. Sounds like a great way to beat those who hate our freedom.

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