Waiting for Raich v. Ashcroft

Sure, I’m waiting for the Supreme Court decision in this historic case. As are tons of other drug policy reformers and those who depend on marijuana for their medicine.
But we’re not the only ones. According to this press release, so is novelist Neil Mavis.

Deorbit the Space Shuttle: Stem Cell Rescue highlights the Achilles heel of the NASA space shuttle fleet. “… blood spraying the white cabin walls of Space Shuttle Atlantis flashed across television screens worldwide.” begins this near-future techno-thriller, a provocative novel by Neil Mavis that dramatizes the terrifying possibilities of a space shuttle rescue mission of a Hubble telescope gone awry.

“The final current event topic that needs to occur before the book is released is the U.S. Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana between Angel Raich and John Ashcroft.” Author Neil Mavis said in Tulsa. “When that decision is rendered by the Supreme Court, the issue of medical marijuana and stem cell research will be threaded throughout the novel according to current events.”

I hope the Justices keep that in mind.
There are a couple of other things that I wonder if the Justices are considering…
“bullet” The Wine Lovers Page seems to think that the wine decision is due soon (argued after Raich and also involves commerce clause law — the “dormant commerce clause.”) I wonder if the Justices will decide to release both commerce clause cases at the same time — certainly they’ve discussed them both together in terms of larger commerce clause issues.
“bullet” I can’t help wondering if the Justices (while working on the Raich decision having to do with whether Congress has unlimited power to regulate anything they want in the country) have been following the fact that prominent members of Congress are agitating to castrate the Judiciary. Hmmm…

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