Some Interesting Reading

“bullet” Jacob Sullum on the conviction of pain doctor William Hurwitz in Dose Response

Misconceptions about pain treatment could put a doctor in prison for life

“bullet” In a potentially related story, UNM Doctors Discover Way to Measure Pain.

Interesting, if true.

“bullet” The Bitter Pill at Wired.

Buprenorphine could end heroin addiction, curb disease, and cut crime. But bureaucrats, doctors, and much of the treatment industry are just saying no. A case study in why the best technology doesn’t always win.

“bullet” In The Mirror: Heroin for Health

A New Scientific Study Investigates the Potential Benefits of Giving Hard-Core Addicts Their Daily Doses

“bullet” Why Drug Task Forces Must Go 101 — Grits for Breakfast.
“bullet” Reefer Madness

What is it about medical marijuana that makes everyone act so funny?

A powerful expose on some local media malfeasance in the medical marijuana story.

“bullet” Flag Firefighters Contest City’s Drug-Testing Policy

Flagstaff firefighters absolutely refuse to submit to random drug and alcohol testing.æ It’s a violation, they say, of their constitutional rights.

Good for them! Now a judge will decide.

[Thanks to Scott and MAP.]
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