Smoking pot makes you better educated, gives you higher income

Of course, the headline to this post isn’t really true, but if we were to use the tactics of the Drug Czar, that is what we’d say.
Particularly given this news from Canada (you know, the place where they have that Super Pot — the crack cocaine of marijuana — that Walters says is destroying our citizens):

Ottawa, Ontario: Lifetime cannabis users are likely to be single, well
educated, and earning an above average salary, according to a recent survey
of 13,900 Canadians conducted by Health Canada and the Canadian Executive
Council on Addictions.

Approximately 45 percent of the Canadian population over age 15 reported
having used cannabis during their lifetime – up from 23 percent in 1989, the
survey reported. Lifetime cannabis use increased with education and income.
Among those with some post-secondary education, 52 percent reported having
used cannabis. By comparison, among those without a high school degree,
only 35 percent reported having tried cannabis. In addition, 55 percent of
those respondents with a “high income adequacy” said they had used cannabis,
as opposed to only 43 percent of those with a “low income adequacy.”

Among those who reported consuming cannabis, most said that they used it
infrequently and did not “experienc[e] serious harm due to their cannabis

So no, this news doesn’t say that smoking pot causes a better education or a higher income, but it does make it pretty hard to support a whole lot of the things that drug warriors claim.
Via NORML. Full text available here (pdf).

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