Is this what we want in our schools?

This came to me via the Eurodrug group, regarding a school bust in Norway:

Friday 50 police officers and some toll officers with dogs, sealed off
an entire High School / College, refusing free movement and scaring 1700
students in a surprise forced drug clamp down. The result was 2 grams of
hashish found at the school, 13 arrested people and a lot of (1689)
innocently scared students and quite a few angry people in the
aftermaths. The student bodies reported the event to the media. The
school was sealed off with fences with sharp points, the police went
systematically from class room to class room with dogs, picking out 11
“problem pupils” they had on a list and then afterwards lined the entire
1700 student body for drug dog sniffing, before allowing them to leave
the school grounds through the fenced gate. The public protests have
been many, and even some pro-prohibitionist are shocked.

The media tell a slightly different story, given that the police claim in their release that they seized “kilos” of drugs, but there’s no evidence given that it was even connected to the school bust.
The eurodrug poster went on to say:

Half a kilo marihuana was found by accident in a car
in the somewhere near by the school, containing half a kilo – owned by a
40 year old man with no connection to the school – later the police
raided his home adress and found one more kilo of marihuana – this the
police thus called the operation a success, emphasing that they had
found “nearly 2 kilos of hashish” in their press release. On the school
only 2 grams of hashish from an entire population of 1700 was found, one
in at the toilet and one gram on a person

Based on what I’ve seen so far about this incident, it looks like the police are trying to “improve” the story of their massively over-the-top approach.
This kind of attack on school kids is unacceptable anywhere.

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