Walters on C-Span tomorrow morning

John Walters will be on C-Span’s Washington Journal from 9-9:30 am Eastern on Monday morning. (Thanks, Bob!)
If you’re going to call in, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Write out your question and have it in front of you. Otherwise, you’ll get so anxious about being on air, that you’ll get tongue-tied.
  2. Limit yourself. Find one specific point that you want to approach and really hone in on that one. Don’t try to ask a multiple-part question — it dilutes your clarity to the audiences and gives him the opportunity to answer whichever part he likes the most and ignore the rest.
  3. Focus. You won’t be given much time, so be prepared to keep it as short as possible.
  4. Speak to your audience. You don’t care what Walters thinks (you’re not going to change his mind) — it’s what the listeners get that’s important. Don’t talk about detailed conspiracies — stick to the simple points that listeners will understand — things like:
    • Why do you want to throw sick people in jail for following the advice of their doctors?
    • Why are you spending federal taxpayers’ money to campaign against state medical marijuana initiatives? Are you willing to publish how much you have spent on that?
    • If there really is a link between potent pot and treatment as you constantly imply, why won’t you talk about it on the ONDCP website where it would be subject to data quality review?
  5. Remember that it’s not about winning — Walters has a huge advantage in this situation in that you cannot cross examine after he spins his answer in a completely new direction. It’s about getting your point across to the listeners through a well-crafted question.
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