Rise Up

From Raise Your Voice:

Rep. Barney Frank (MA-4) and 55 other members of Congress introduced the
Removing Impediments to StudentsÍ Education (RISE) Act, H.R. 1184. If
enacted, the bill will repeal the HEA Drug Provision, which, since taking
effect in 2000, has denied financial aid to over 160,500 students with prior
drug convictions. Over 200 organizations and 115 student governments from
across the country have called on Congress to repeal the law. With growing
concern regarding the effects of this failed policy, education advocates are
expected this year to push hard in both the House and the Senate to
reinstate aid to those who need it most.

It’s time to eliminate this offensive provision for good. Mark Souder’s going to try to save portions of it, but he should be ignored.

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