Narcs scramble for loose change from terrorist victims

Loretta pointed me to an interesting lobbying group: The National Narcotics Officers’ Associations’ Coalition. Well, naturally, they are outraged at the proposed cuts in the Federal Government’s drug control budget (Remember: the overal federal drug control budget is higher. What has been cut includes the Byrne task force grants, which were ineffective and tied to corruption and abuse.)
The top two listed organizational goals are:

  • To ensure that the Edward R. Byrne Memorial Fund is fully funded in order to maintain the multi-jurisdictional drug task forces…and
  • To maintain, increase, and intensify drug asset revenue sharing — the most important tool that narcotic law enforcement has today.

So the NNOAC (or Natl Narcs as their website is named) is determined to do whatever it takes to get that money that they feel is rightfully theirs put back in the budget… including tarnishing the memory of terrorism victims.
Their Spring Newsletter (pdf) has a cover filled with images invoking 911 and the teaser: “Illicit Drugs vs. National Security. Page 4.” Page 4 is a remarkably ignorant screed and call to action by the organization’s president, Ron Brooks. He lists practically every bad side effect of drug prohibition as a reason for more money for drug prohibition, and even claims “that drug use weakens this great nation’s ability to defend against terrorism.” I’m not sure, but I think he means that America is too stoned to stand up to terrorists, so we need to divert terrorism-fighting resources and budgets over to arresting pot smokers.
A picture named ronbrooks2.jpg

And it clearly is a mission that
deserves adequate federal funding and the unwavering support of
every American, including those in Washington.
I would urge all NNOAC members to realize that this attack on
law enforcement funding and the growing movement to legalize
drugs is a battle that we are currently loosing [sic]. The only way that
we will be successful is for us to all remain organized, focused and
educated on drug policy issues so that we can challenge our nation’s
leaders to continue their support for drug law enforcement.
This is not a battle that we can give up without a fight, nor is it
a battle that we can afford to loose [sic].

Of course, it’s fun to ridicule an ignoramus like Ron Brooks. But the sad part of it is, he’s got a chance of success. He, and others like him, will play the national security card to convince our pork-crazed Congress to give them more money so they can continue to terrorize the American public. And we’ll get to pay for our own torture.

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