Narcs – a bad influence on children

In the Sun-Times today, the article Blagojevich focuses ire on drug-based game has some oddities:

Gov. Blagojevich is using the roll-out of “Narc,” a new video game set in the drug underworld, to promote legislation that would ban the sale of violent and sexually explicit games to minors.

“These kinds of games teach kids to do the very things that in real life, we put people in jail for,” …

The game, to be released today, has automatic weapons, gore and the fictitious officer Jack Forzenski, who spits out lines such as “You have the right to shut the hell up.”

Players can become “narcotics officers” who arrest dealers and use confiscated dope to change the look and speed of “Narc” to score more points.

Hmmm… instead of teaching kids to do the very things we put people in jail for, it seems to be teaching them to do the very things that we pay big taxpayer dollars for.

[Thanks, Scott]
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