Family Values

What’s more harmful to a child? Seeing Mom smoke a joint? Or seeing her dragged off to prison?
“bullet” Via Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run, California Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian (R-Stockton) has introduced a bill that would make it a felony to smoke pot or use other illegal intoxicants in the presence of your kids.
“bullet” Via the Drug War Chronicle, the South Dakota legislature passed a bill so that people who use ANY hard drug in a location where children are present can be criminally charged with child abuse and neglect and be faced with civil proceedings to have their children taken away.
What happened to all the talk about family values? About the importance of a mother and father to raise children? Now I’ll admit that drug addict parents may not be the best ones, yet that’s a decision that can be made in individual situations based on what’s actually best for the children, rather than making irrevocable decisions based on one instance.
These lawmakers, as usual, care nothing for children. They just use them for their political grandstanding.

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