Colorado Stories

For some fun weekend reading, check out these delightful articles — all in Colorado
“bullet” Putting The Kind In Kindbud in the Boulder Weekly. A fascinating story of the the Colorado Compassion Club and Thomas and Larissa Lawrence, including how they got busted by the feds, some of their techniques for growing medical marijuana, and how Thomas became the first person ever to receive drugs from the Denver police.
“bullet” Green Butter by Wayne Laugesen (also in the Boulder Weekly) is, to begin with, Wayne’s story of accidentally using the “green” butter (laced with pot) on his sweet corn at a neighbor’s dinner party. While the author doesn’t like pot (he’d prefer to stick with beer), he speaks up on behalf of the CU students who hold a 420 pot party each year (cops are threatening to come down hard on it this year), with an interesting view…

Get it, drunkards? If we don’t speak out for the potheads right now, in their time of great need, there will be nobody left to speak for us when they come for our drink.

“bullet” Students Call on CU to Ease Up on Pot in the Daily Camera — students are taking a slightly different approach in favor of marijuana:

Student leaders approved a referendum this week calling for CU to acknowledge the drug as a relatively safe alternative to alcohol.æ Sponsors of the proposal said they want the university to make that distinction in the way it punishes students. …

Campaign adviser Mason Tvert said violent crimes, such as sexual assault, that sometimes result from alcohol abuse are not found with marijuana use, which makes it a safer choice.

“We do not advocate the use of marijuana, but we are advocating for a better public policy that does not indirectly push kids toward drinking,” said Tvert, the director of SAFER, a Boulder-based nonprofit that aims to increase public awareness on the differences between the two substances.

“bullet” The Colorado Daily covers that story as well in It’s Green Prozac:

“There has never been a case of fatal marijuana overdose in history,” said Cisneros.æ “How many more students need to drink themselves to death before our colleges turn to safer, more sensible alcohol and marijuana policies?”
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