A New Drug War Blogging Community

I’d like to give a big promotion to a new Drug War blogging community — Nephalim’s Drug War Revealed.
It’s just getting started, but it’s already got quite a bit of great material. Nephalim is one of the few Daily Kos members who has been regularly writing about the drug war, and he’s designed this site to have some of the same structure as Kos.
Visitors can register and create their own diaries, which can get promoted to the front page, etc., and Nephalim will have guests writing on the front page as well.
It’s a wonderful opportunity for those who would like to write about the drug war on occassion, without maintaining their own site or blog.
I will be doing some writing for Nephalim.org when I have time. In the meantime, check it out, and give Nephalim some encouragement — a comment at least.

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