Idiotic Editorial

The News-Hearld, which purports to be “serving Northeast Ohio” has this drivel to offer:

Mention the word “war” and you can easily start one of your own. Nationally, the topic is as controversial and as volatile as any in our vocabularies.

But there is one war that is neither controversial nor likely to start an argument. It is one that every one of us should be waging constantly, without ever letting up, because it is too important to the future of our country and to the good health of our citizens for us ever to relent.

That is the war on drugs, particularly as it applies to teenagers. [emphasis added]

Um… Excuse me… Earth to editorial staff…

Every aspect, every battle in the war on drugs is important. Every step and every involvement to keep kids from experimenting is critical.
The war on drugs, especially as it applies to teenagers, is one we cannot afford to lose.
Pursuit of the war must be relentless. Any parent who is not doing his or her part to keep kids drug free contributes to the problem.

Winning the war must be one of our No. 1 national priorities.

Sorry to inform you, but not only is the war on drugs not uncontroversial, but it’s already been lost. It’s because people like you waged the issue as a relentless war that teens are in danger – from violence, ignorance, loss of rights, uncontrolled drugs, and criminal elements.
If you support prohibition, you are part of the drug problem.

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