This one made me smile…

Police were chasing a truancy suspect and entered the unlocked garage of an extremely popular High School science teacher, finding marijuana plants and bags of marijuana.
The teacher came home and said: “Well, I’ve been growing the marijuana in the garage for approximately eight months so I could save myself some money instead of buying it off the street.”
Prosecutors dismissed the charges after realizing that the police lacked probable cause to enter his house.
Now it looks like the teacher will also keep his job.
Instead of the usual pious hand-wringing about how horrible it was that a teacher was — gasp — a pot-head, the school plans to reinstate him (with one year of random drug testing to make it look good). And instead of getting trashed in the press, here’s how his principal talked about him:

Sharon Meng, the Paschal High principal, said she would welcome Sills back to the school, where he teaches advanced placement environmental systems and honors biology.

“He is outstanding,” Meng said. “He really knows what he is talking about. The kids love him and have a great deal of respect for him.”

Meng said Sills is known for always being available for students and going the extra mile with “meaningful” lab work, study trips and field work.

She said she had no concerns about his return to the school.

“Blake would never do anything irresponsible at school and certainly not around children,” she said. “I have been here five years, and I have never heard him say anything or do anything inappropriate to a child.”

A tip of the hat on this one to Melissa, posting over at D’Alliance. It’s nice to see posts there again. We miss Baylen terribly (and I’ve offered him the opportunity to post here whenever he wants), but I also look forward to hearing from others on the dynamic Drug Policy Alliance web team.

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