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“bullet” If you live in Illinois, Drug Policy Alliance has issued an action alert regarding a bill on Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s desk that would make it easier for Illinoisans with nonviolent drug convictions to find jobs — by sealing their criminal records four years after they finish their sentences.
“bullet” Libby at Last One Speaks has a couple of articles you should check out: Bush to Visit Columbia, and Intoxication: It’s Only Natural
“bullet” Michael at Vice Squad discusses the UN report on Afghanistan’s success in producing opium and heroin. Michael notes that it probably has not only driven down prices worldwide, but also helped out law enforcement numbers in quantity of seizures. The UN report expresses the “fear that Afghanistan might degenerate into a narco-state is becoming a reality.” Well, duh.
“bullet” Donald Lay has an interesting and well-written article in Thursday’s New York Times called Rehab Justice calling for the federal government to learn from successful state drug court systems to deal with non-violent drug offenders. Gritsforbreakfast thinks he doesn’t go far enough and that the feds should transfer the cases to the state courts. I support drug courts to the degree that they provide alternatives to prison, but ultimately, I do not support criminal penalties for non-violent drug “offenders” in general. [thanks also to David on that one]
“bullet” Loretta at the US Marijuana Party Blog has Colbert King’s article today in the Washington Post about Judge Retchin’s failures in sentencing that led to the death of Jonathan Magbie. Each little detail that comes out is more damning than the last.
“bullet” While I’ve blogged about the 55 year sentence for selling pot, Martin sent me this LA Times Editorial which put it in perspective in another way:

A 25-year-old Utah man sold eight-ounce bags of marijuana on three occasions to an undercover officer. This week he was sentenced to 55 years in prison because he had a pistol strapped to his ankle during the deals.

That’s more time than he would have received if he had hijacked a plane, beaten someone to death in a fight, detonated a bomb in an aircraft and provided weapons to support a foreign terrorist organization.

“bullet” Scott is always sending me some of the best stuff. Here’s a few that you should read, and I may blog some more about them later.

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