Karzai promises to destroy economy

At Salon:

Hamid Karzai pledged Thursday to use his five-year term as Afghanistan’s first elected president to crack down on warlords and the country’s booming drug economy.

Hey, Hamid. What other economy do you have? Maybe you should think about developing a legal economy before you destroy the other one?

Karzai has said smashing Afghanistan’s opium and heroin smugglers will be his top priority and the key to reining in warlords resisting the feeble authority of the central government.

The resources of the entire United States can’t stop the opium and heroin smugglers, and Karzai thinks he has a chance? And the only way he could control it is by taking it over.
Just to give some perspective, neighboring Tajikistan doesn’t produce any opium or heroin — it’s just a route for trafficking — yet the drug trade there is 10 times as big as the national budget.
I predict one of three outcomes in the next five years.

  1. Karzai gives up on his promise.
  2. Karzai doesn’t last in office 5 years.
  3. Karzai ends up being the head drug trafficker.

Any bets?

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