Goodbye John, Hello Alberto

It’s official. John Ashcroft is gone. The man who rose from losing to a dead man and did more to help the terrorists take away our freedom than anyone I know, is leaving, having declared a victory in making us safe from terrorists and crime (despite a perfect losing record in terrorist cases).
Listen to him one last time.
Replacing him will be Alberto Gonzales, the man who thought the Geneva conventions were outdated and quaint.
I don’t know what Gonzales will do regarding medical marijuana or the drug war (and a lot of people want to know — my google hits for Alberto Gonzales and medical marijuana have been off the charts). If anyone has background on any of his views on the drug war, please let me know.
It may not matter. I’m guessing that Gonzales will be a little less specifically driven than Ashcroft, but I think it’s most likely that it will be business as usual, with the ONDCP and the DEA driving the drug war and Gonzales nodding his approval as the rubber stamp of administration policy.
The only real question may be whether Gonzales’ view of the quaintness of the Geneva convention will translate to his views of the 4th Amendment. Also quaint?

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