Odds and ends and more stupidity

“bullet” Check out D’Alliance. Baylen is reporting from Bolivia.
“bullet” Patriot Act being used for busting marijuana smuggling.
“bullet” More Stupid Drug Task Force Tricks

… about a dozen law enforcement officers from several agencies banged on the front door of Stone’s house between 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. July 20, so hard that it knocked pictures off the wall.

The officers would not let him put his clothes on after he got out of bed, demanding that he come outside immediately just as he was, Stone told The Paris News. When he said no one was there by the name of the female defendant they sought, they demanded his wife come outside.

Stone said he and his wife were traumatized by about a dozen officers who kept rifles pointed at their heads. He said his mailbox was off its hinges because of the force with which the officers had hammered on his door. The officers threw his lawn chairs in the yard and stepped all over his flowers, he said.

At first, Stone said, the officers refused to believe him when he said the woman they sought was not there and hadn’t lived there — in his father’s rent house — for two years. Finally, they left, he said, after laughing at him because he was wearing raggedy drawers. They left without an apology, he said.

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