Endorsement: Jerry Kohn for U.S. Senate from Illinois

Senate candidate Barack Obama has admitted to the youthful indiscretions of using marijuana and cocaine. This should be an inspiring story. Young man from difficult youth, experiments with drugs, but takes a positive route, working his way to being the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention and the new rising political star.
Unfortunately, instead it’s a tale of political hypocrisy as usual. You see, Obama wasn’t caught, so he was able to get to where he is today. If he had been jailed, the tale would be different. Yet he works to imprison and ruin the lives of other young people with youthful indiscretions who happen to be not as lucky as Barack Obama.
And he’s proud of it. From Barack Obama’s own website (in the August 19th entry):

During 8 years in the state senate, Senator Obama has repeatedly voted for tougher penalties for drug offenders. [HB 3387, 5/13/03; P.A. 93-0546; SB 1793, 3/21/03; P.A. 93-0223; HB 2347, 5/6/99; P.A. 91-0336; HB 3170, 5/7/98; P.A. 90-0674; HB 1278, 5/14/99; P.A. 91-0403; SB 0105, 3/23/99; P.A. 91-0263; HB 2843, 5/20/03; P.A. 93-0596; 93rd GA, SB 2447, 3/25/04; P.A. 93-0884; SB 1578, 3/24/03; P.A. 93-0297; SB1028, 4/2/98; SB 1028, 5/19/98, SC HA1,4; P.A. 90-0775; HB 0070, 5/16/97; P.A. 90-0382; HB 2844, 5/13/03; P.A. 93-0340; HB 3073, 4/4/00; P.A. 91-0802; HB 0252, 5/7/99; P.A. 91-0366; HB 5652, 5/9/02; SB 1332, 2/24/00; P.A. 91-0899; HB 4245, 5/7/02; P.A. 92-0698; SB 0014, 5/20/97, SC HA1; P.A. 90-0397; SB 0003, 4/6/01; HB 2015, 5/9/97; P.A. 90-0164; SB 1011, 4/5/01; SB 1224, 3/24/98; HB 2030, 5/15/97; P.A. 90-0557]

We don’t need tougher. We need smarter. Obama should know better.
What about Alan Keyes? Don’t make me laugh. His view seems to combine government prohibition to enforce drug morality combined with the execution of international smugglers.
Jerry Kohn, on the other hand, quoted at Vote-Smart:

The ” war on drugs” is a war on people who harm no one but themselves. End criminal penalties for the use of drugs.

Is Jerry Kohn going to win? No. Obama will win handily. But here’s a chance to put in a vote for drug policy reform without worrying about throwing it away, or being a spoiler.
If you live in Illinois, vote Jerry Kohn for U.S. Senate.
For more races in Illinois, see the voting guide.

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