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…to Network Against Prohibition from Northern Territory, Australia. It’s an interesting organization, with one of the more unusual website front pages I’ve seen. In addition to a demonic pot-smoking Santa Claus, they have this delightfully absurd smiling marijuana leaf, who appears to be strolling down the highway at night, lit by the headlights of a car on the wrong side of the road (Oh, that’s right, it’s Australia) and a helicopter spotlight. It’s strangely seductive (I’m guessing you could watch it for hours if you’re stoned).
I checked out their news, and noticed that they had a smoke-in to protest a new U.S. base in the Northern Territory. They seem quite aware of the irony of the situation that they are protesting the opening of the base because they oppose the outrageous war on drugs that has been imposed on the world by the U.S., but also note that the base’s presence is likely to improve the quality and quantity of drugs in the area.
I’d also like to welcome visitors from the Catallarchy.net group blog, as well as the delightfully named MediaCrapola blog. Both are worth visiting.

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