The Dallas News knows the truth.

Today’s Dallas News editorial had some welcome strong words about the investigation into the fake drugs scandal.

Nearly three years have gone by since authorities acknowledged that more than two dozen defendants had been falsely arrested and held in jail for possessing not cocaine but ground-up pool chalk. The scandal wrecked countless lives, including those of the defendants and their families š most of them Mexican immigrants.

We’re counting on the city’s investigative body š which is made up of two private lawyers and a team from the Dallas Police Department š to produce a clear, detailed and thorough report that spells out the role that the department’s personnel and procedures played in the scandal.

Already it is clear that accounting controls and oversight of the narcotics unit were nowhere near adequate. We expect city officials to acknowledge and correct the flaws, regardless of how sweeping the needed reforms may be.

This kind of travesty must never be allowed to happen again. …

We need to get to the bottom of what happened, and the city has every right to dig and dig until it hits the floor š no matter how much dust is kicked up in the process.


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