Senator Barthwell?

Via Drug Policy Alliance’s new blog D’Alliance, I learn (oddly enough) what was reported in my own local paper: Deputy Drug Czar Andrea Barthwell is actually considering running for Senate in Illinois.
As a review, Illinois Senator Fitzgerald (R) is not seeking re-election, so there has been a race between Barack Obama (D), Jerry Kohn (L), and Jack Ryan (R). Jack, however, had a little problem — a sex scandal involving the fact that he was interested in having sex with his own wife and then didn’t. So now, everyone from Coach Ditka to Deputy Andrea is being considered.
Having Miss Drug Propaganda in the race could be interesting. I know I’d have a few things to say in letters to the editor. I’d also like to see some debates with her and Kohn on the drug war. The Trib has shown in the past that they are not taken in by Barthwell’s propaganda, and I doubt that she’d be able to win (at least I sure hope not!)

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