Critical Action Needed Now! Hinchey/Rohrabacher Amendment.

I asked you to act on this on June 4.
We’re asking again, because it looks like a vote may take place on Wednesday or Thursday. A major coordinated effort is taking place to make a victory happen. It can with your help. Representatives need to hear from you now.
The amendment is quite simple. It says that the federal government will not interfere with medical marijuana laws in those specific states that have passed them. Logical. Sensible.
In last year’s article Can Congress Get a Clue, I discussed the Hinchey Amendment that lost then and even some of the bizarre debate on the floor. Last year the amendment failed 152-273, but that was remarkable in that 136 Democrats, 15 Republicans and 1 Independent voted in favor of a medical marijuana bill.
We can do better this year.
There are several options you can take:

  • Visit one of the following action sites and follow the instructions to send a free fax or email:
  • Even better, just call your Representative’s office directly. Find out their number by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-839-5276.
  • Once you reach your Representative’s office, tell the person who answers the phone that you strongly support the Hinchey/Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment that will be offered to the Commerce spending bill this week, and that you want your Representative to vote for it. This vote is about whether or not the Justice Department should stop wasting scarce law enforcement resources arresting patients who use medical marijuana in compliance with state law.

(Note: Hinchey/Rohrabacher is pronounced Hinch’-ee/Roar’-bocker)

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