Vermont trips, falls flat on face, and legalizes medical marijuana… somewhat.

Via NORML, TalkLeft, Vice Squad, and Hit and Run, (OK, so I’m a little slow today)…
Vermont will officially become the 9th state (or perhaps the 10th, as TalkLeft includes Arizona) to legalize medical marijuana, which is great, although Vice Squad finds not that much to cheer about in the final butchered version of the bill.
Hit and Run notes that Governor James Douglas will let the bill become law without signature and includes the Governor’s remarks — an amazing example of a marriage of stupidity and schizophrenia gone bad:

Marijuana is addictive, and dangerous, and as a gateway drug can ruin a young Vermonter’s life. Over the last several months, the faces of Vermonters in real pain have advocated for the use of marijuana for symptom relief. They are the husbands and wives who nursed dying spouses in their final days; they are sons and daughters who watched once-healthy parents wither and waste away. I feel, as most Vermonters do, that we must do what we can to ease the pain of dying Vermonters. I believe that we owe Vermonters with debilitating medical conditions the very best that medical science has to offer. Proven science has not demonstrated that marijuana is a part of that. Despite that fact, marijuana offers those with the most painful chronic diseases a measure of hope in a time of suffering….However, I cannot actively support a measure that allows Vermonters to be subject to prosecution under federal law, increases the availability of a controlled substance, and sends a dangerous message to our children.

Somebody get him a rubber room.
Oh, and patients will be allowed to grow 3 plants — perfect for the medical marijuana patient who gets sick occasionally.
Hey, it’s a victory.

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