In Medina, Ohio, smoking pot is as bad as beating your wife

With court approval, Medina is re-implementing an unusual ordinance, which goes further than the state law and carries a mandatory three-day jail sentence.

While the rest of the state considers possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana to be similar, in a legal sense, to jaywalking – punishable by a $100 fine – Medina’s ordinance classifies it as a first-degree misdemeanor, the same category as domestic violence. …

… the ordinance makes carrying a marijuana cigarette in Medina a worse crime than possessing heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine.

None of those drugs carry mandatory jail time. …

If police follow through, Medina [population 25,000] will spend $20,000 a year to feed and jail people convicted under the marijuana law…

Well, after all, they just passed an income tax increase in Medina in November. They’ve got to spend it on something.
Just so you know what to avoid, Medina is just southwest of Cleveland, off I-71.

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