Drug War News Roundup

“bullet” Connecticut Legislature ducks medical marijuana and gets called on it in the press.
“bullet” Last One Speaks has the scoop on: Sri Lanka’s intent to legalize marijuana; drug warrior moron extraordinaire Mark Souder’s attempts to deny the existence of science; and the fact that the government is still stupidly considering appealing the unanimous court decision regarding hemp foods. As to her thoughts on marriage… well it’s certainly the best offer I’ve had in some time!
“bullet” Michael at ViceSquad has an interesting post on new Russian drug laws changing the possession minimums. Hit and Run has coverage as well.
“bullet” The Toronto Star, in An Ugly Prison Record, is not surprised by the Iraq prison abuses, given the U.S. track record with its own prisons.
“bullet” I missed this one earlier. Bruce M of Bullshit, Hypocrisy & Stupidity has an excellent detailed rebuttal of the claims we constantly must endure, in the stupidity of anti-drug “studies.”
“bullet” Drug War Chronicle has Canada Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Dying as Government Prepares to Call Elections, Few Mourners as well as promotion of another interesting sounding book in “The New Prohibition: Voices of Dissent Challenge the Drug War” — New Compendium by Sheriff Masters Features David Borden and Numerous Other Thinkers on Drug Policy
“bullet” Drug Sense Weekly Newsletter is out with lots of info.
“bullet” An excellent letter in reponse to the violation of students’ rights mentioned below is in the comments.

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