Last night was our commencement ceremony. It was a blast, and I can’t say how much I enjoyed greeting our students as they crossed the stage.
For those students who read this blog regularly, please keep in touch and keep reading DrugWarRant. The responsibility is yours to make something happen in this drug war. Vote. Get involved. Tell people. Don’t worry about what people will think if you speak up — in many cases, they feel the same way, but are too frightened to say so. Others can be taught, and if you take the time to learn some basic facts, they’ll appreciate that you are speaking from a position of strength.
And thanks for your inspiration. The response to my talks about the Drug War at Theatre of Ted and the enthusiasm of those of you who came to me for material for papers and speeches provoked me to start this blog.
To my other readers: Thanks for your patience the past couple of weeks. Some interesting things have happened in the drug war, and I’ll be trying to do a little catch-up.

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