The Federal Government and medical marijuana just don’t mix

We already know that the feds just go crazy over the issue of medical marijuana — they’re that afraid of it. Whether it’s federal armed raids on medical marijuana groups operating legally under state law, or the DEA’s refusal to return seized medicine, it’s clear that we have to remove the federal government from medical marijuana.
Here’s how surreal this gets. A school board in California is opposing local medical marijuana proposals under the excuse that they’re afraid of losing federal funding!

Board President Mary Scott said the proposed ordinance could affect schools’ federal funding.æSchools are required to abide by the federal Safe and Drug Free Schools Act, which mandates strict policies regarding employee use and possession of drugs and requires that schools teach students that illegal drugs are wrong and harmful.

Federal law does not recognize marijuana as legal in any circumstances.æ Schools which violate the federal law could risk losing federal funding, Scott said.

School districts are also federally required to certify “drug-free school zones,” meaning that there are no illegal drugs within 1,000 feet of school sites.

Get the feds out of medical marijuana in one easy step: Reschedule.

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