The case of the marijuana stolen by DEA agents continues.

Walter in Denver has been continuing his great coverage on the bizarre case in Colorado that’s pitting a judge against DEA agents.
The latest: The U.S. Attorney’s office went to a federal judge to get the charges dropped.
To recap again:

  1. GRAMNET – the Grand, Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team (which included a DEA agent) raided a Hayden, Colorado home in mid-October.
  2. They seize some marijuana and some pipes.
  3. It turns out Don Nord is a medical marijuana user and that was his medicine (legal in Colorado).
  4. No charges are filed against Nord, and the judge orders the pipes and 2 ounces of marijuana returned for his medical use.
  5. The officers had given the marijuana to the DEA, and the DEA refused to return it.
  6. The judge cited the officers for contempt and directed them to appear in court at 1:30 pm February 2 “to show why they should not be punished for defying the court order.”
  7. The U.S. Attorney’s office is using taxpayer money and sending lawyers to defend the DEA agent against the contempt citation… and now
  8. The U.S. Attorney’s office is trying to get the case moved to federal court and contempt charges dropped.

TalkLeft has also commented on the case, including:

In a society based on the rule of law, the proper response to a court order the government considers to be flawed is to appeal the order, not to disobey it.
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