More stupid Fed tricks?

This tale of Feds stepping in on medical marijuana cases in California again comes from Hilary McQuie of Americans for Safe Access:

Today [Tuesday] in Sacramento, two medical marijuana patients in their 50’s were sitting in a California state court for cultivation charges: David Davidson and Cynthis Blake. Their attorneys, Omar Figueroa and Shari Greenberger of Pier 5, were filing motions for dismissal on the basis of their legal medical status, which the prosector had agreed to, and were called into judge’s chambers to work some details. Once there, the prosecutor (Lynn Strom, Tehama Co) told them she was agreeing to a dismissal of state charges ONLY because federal marshalls were at that minute arresting the defendants! This was an egregious misdirection by the prosecution, and an unacceptable handing over of a case to the feds by state officials.
Their attorneys are rightfully shocked and dismayed by this outrage, and our support is needed.

Americans for Safe Access is calling for emergency action response in front of Federal buildings this Friday, along with continuing to promote a national day of action at congressional district offices during Medical Marijuana Week (2-15 to 2-22) on Tuesday, Feb. 17 to demand that Congress change the law to protect patients.

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