DrugSense Weekly

Be sure to check out this week’s DrugSense Weekly
Lots of interesting information and a review of the most relevant newspaper articles of the past week. Also a great letter of the week and, DrugSense Weekly was nice enough to include my analysis/rant on the President’s SOTU.
Just a reminder that DrugSense and MAP are an incredible resource in drug policy reform.
They’re a great way to get involved. Sure, you read something on this site and it gets you pissed off. What do you do? Well, you could write your own rant and submit it to me for Guest Rants. Or, go to MAP, where you’ll get assistance in writing letters to the editor in newspapers all over the world, where you can make a real difference and reach thousands of people with your words. They’ll even give you current alerts with suggestions for writing letters.
Or you can donate and, for a short time, have your donation matched.

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