Odds and Ends

“bullet”The U.S. Military: A Creeping Civilian Mission – a chilling article about the dangerous diversions of military missions to civilian activities (often because of the war on drugs – remember Ezequiel Hernandez.
“bullet”17 Students File Suit Over School Drug Raid – This is great news. They’re fighting back over the atrocity that occurred there last month.
A big thanks to Loretta Nall of the USMJP and Dan Goldman of SSDP, who went to Goose Greek and met with parents and students and helped inform them of their rights.
“bullet” Serial Catowner has added a new Guest Rant to my site companion site: Not just a war on a plant.
“bullet” More news of the past week from Drug Sense Weekly and Drug War Chronicle.
“bullet” As usual, LastOneSpeaks has some good stuff today, including a link to Paul Armentano’s essay on John Walter’s failed media campaign to equate marijuana consumption with supporting terrorism.

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