Kenneth Walker, Drug War Victim

From the Georgia Ledger Enquirer

Walker, 39, was among three other men riding inside a gray GMC Yukon when it was stopped Wednesday night as part of a drug investigation.æ The unarmed man was fatally shot by a Muscogee County Sheriff’s Deputy after authorities said Walker failed to comply with the deputy’s commands to reveal his hands.æ The three friends were not arrested and were later released.æ Authorities later learned there was no information that Walker was involved in any kind of criminal activity.

In some communities, black teens are told to never run down the street because their parents fear the teens may be shot by some police officer who may mistake them for criminals….

When reports of an unarmed Walker being fatally shot circulated, blacks may have been shocked, but they were not surprised.æ Law enforcement has never been viewed as user-friendly in the black community.

And from WTVM (beware: linked page behaving erratically, particularly in Safari).

In a tearful interview, long-time best friend of Kenneth Walker says the thirty-nine year old was a role model to the community.

“He was a family man. He was man of morals and principles. He lived for his daughter,” says Tim Crumbley….

Walker was working at Blue Cross-Blue Shield at the time of his death. Both he and his wife were active in the St. Mary’s Road United Methodist Church.

The funeral for Walker is set for Tuesday, December 16 at St. Mary’s church. His wife Cheryl is requesting only family and friends attend the service.

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