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December 2013



Barney Frank on the Gateway

I miss having Frank in Congress. Nice to see he’s still involved… Barney Frank: The myth of marijuana as a gateway drug

To the dismay of the marijuana prohibitionists, the results of these steps toward legalization have been benign. In those jurisdictions where marijuana has been legalized in general, as it was in Washington and […]

Twitter discussion on Wednesday

U.S. Drug Policy (@ONDCP) 12/16/13, 3:45 PM

What: Twitter chat on #druggeddriving When: Wednesday, Dec. 18 Time: 4 p.m. EST Join: Use #druggeddriving Follow: @ONDCP @NTSB @NHTSAgov

Peace prize for Uruguay

Heroic Uruguay deserves a Nobel Peace Price for legalizing cannabis by Simon Jenkins for the Guardian.

This is a beautiful piece worth reading.

The catastrophe of death and anarchy that failed drug suppression has brought to Mexico and to other narco-states makes the west’s obsessive war on terror seem like a footling sideshow. The road […]

When going after drugged drivers just isn’t enough anymore…

This just struck me as odd…

Coalition reminds everyone to ride, drive drug-free

The Coalition for a Drug Free Dale County of SpectraCare Health Systems is joining other national, state and local law enforcement and highway safety officials to remind everyone this holiday season to drive and ride drug-free.

When did this happen? And why?


Ridiculous arguments that just won’t die

In an absurd OpEd in the Baltimore Sun, Gregory Kline hits us with this old chestnut:

Have we lost the War on Murder as well? If so, should we simply declare our surrender and legalize it? Why is that concept any less absurd than the legalization of drugs because drug use has not stopped?



Nailing them down, a tiny bit at a time

While those of us with any background in drug policy know full well the game that S.A.M. and Kevin Sabet are playing, they’ve still been getting way too much of a free pass in most of the media.

They are, after all, offering up an alternative policy and working to convince people to follow this […]

Lies from Raymond Yans and the INCB

Immediately following Uruguay’s legalization of cannabis, the International Narcotics Control Board and its president, Raymond Yans, issued this press release.

It’s full of really outrageous statements, and much of it is being picked up in media outlets all over the place, such as this article in U.S. News.

Let’s just look at one statement:

“Smoking […]

Why is this so hard?

So many people act terrified of the notion of some apparently inevitable epidemic of stoned drivers on the road and that we’ll be unable to do anything about it unless we pass zero tolerance per se laws for any amount of metabolites in your system (that’s the ONDCP position).

And yet, as least this Washington […]


It happened.

Finally, a nation legalizes pot

Pure and simple:

Today, Uruguay became the first nation to make recreational marijuana legal for adults and to regulate its production, distribution and sale.

Update: here’s a nice infographic on how legalization is structured in Uruguay.

Remember that new drug epidemic?

Oh, how the media love their drug scares. Recently, everyone was talking about the new drug krokodil, from Russia — some poison concoction that basically melts your flesh. It was the latest thing to hit the streets in the U.S. and was showing up all over the country.

Except… not so much.

Krokodil: This supposed […]