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July 2012



Amazing Live Prison People

Check out The Strip by Brian McFadden for an excellent cartoon about our incarceration nation.

Marijuana Scheduling Finally Gets Day in Court

Medical Marijuana Patients Get Their Day In Federal Court With The Obama Administration

Late last week, the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit agreed to hear oral arguments in Americans for Safe Access v. Drug Enforcement Administration, a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug with no […]

Quacks addicted to prohibition

The American Society of Addiction Medicine, which bills itself as “The Voice of Addiction Medicine,” has come out with a position paper regarind: State-level Proposals to Legalize Marijuana

About all one needs to do is look at the writing team to discover what this is about:

ASAM Writing Committee to Develop a Response to State-Level […]

It also won’t make your teeth whiter

Our truly moronic drug czar Gil Kerlikowske has opened his mouth again (I actually kind of miss John Walters – he was evil, but he at least had a brain, and was a legitimate opponent).

Gil Kerlikowske, Drug Czar: Marijuana Legalization ‘Isn’t Going To Solve Our Drug Problem’

It’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to […]

Legalization in Uruguay

A good article today in the New York Times: South America Sees Drug Path to Legalization by Damien Cave.

Uruguay has taken the experimentation to another level. United Nations officials say no other country has seriously considered creating a completely legal state-managed monopoly for marijuana or any other substance prohibited by the 1961 United Nations […]

The DEA really is a lawless terrorist organization

How to the actions of the DEA in this story differ from those of criminal thugs?

Truck owner wants DEA to pay up after botched sting

So the owner of a trucking company with two trucks discovers after the fact that the DEA decided to use one of his trucks and drivers (without the owner’s […]

When Police Learn

Via Radley Balko: Dog shooting prompts police to change policies

Balko’s been in the forefront of getting the public aware of the outrageous amount of puppycide that takes place with law enforcement (and many of these killings are part of routine drug warrant enforcement).

Here’s a rare example where public reaction has resulted in real […]

Friday open thread

Still immersed in the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival (I’m a judge) through this weekend.

It’s pretty sad that Kevin Sabet can’t handle comments and has to have them disabled when he writes at Huffington Post

Should the FDA regulate recreational drugs? – a new article at Time by Maia Szalavitz.

Regulation is […]

Getting high off drug busts

Good article at Law enforcement likes getting realliy high off drug busts

IT HAPPENS before the news conference, before the plastic-wrapped bricks of dope are arranged on the table for the TV cameras and before headlines are made.

Cops calculate the “street value.” It’s a branch of mathematics in which economies of scale meet […]

Open Thread

I’m taking a couple days off with a friend in Chicago, and then I’ll be a judge for the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival this week.

The Drug War Has Now Spread to Africa. Here’s Why – a good piece by Ryan Grim. The U.S.’s DEA is now going to Africa to go after […]