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March 2012



IDPC Drug Policy Guide

Some great weekend reading: IDPC Drug Policy Guide, 2nd Edition (pdf) If you’re having trouble getting it to load, it’s also available here.

The International Drug Policy Consortium is “a global network promoting objective and open debate on drug policy” and they have put out a powerful fact-based (as opposed to ideologically-based) guide to assist […]

It’s WAR

Co-operation urged as way to combat drug war

It’s time for greater military co-operation in North America’s long war on drugs, Defence Minister Peter MacKay and his U.S. and Mexican counterparts said Tuesday.

The first trilateral meeting of defence ministers ended with a common front on the need for greater co-operation to assess common threats […]

More cracks

Transform Drug Policy Foundation has a good follow-up report on the recently concluded UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna.

The CND is basically a tightly controlled international pro-drug-war event. Country representatives dutifully report that they are enthusiastically carrying out world drug laws and nobody suggests that they might not be the best thing […]

Tough drug laws harm health and safety

Tough drug laws harm health and safety, doctors say

Criminalizing the use of marijuana and other tough on crime approaches haven’t worked, say public health doctors from across Canada who propose taxation and regulation instead.

The chief medical health officers in three provinces wrote a paper reviewing the evidence on Canada’s current illicit drug policies […]

I’m still beating my wife 3 times a week, but it’s no longer domestic abuse

That’s right. I’ve declared that the term domestic abuse is no longer operable, because now, on days that I don’t beat her, I buy her flowers, do something nice for her, or apply firm non-violent discipline.

It’s a new balanced approach to marriage. And I should be getting some credit from all of you for […]

Red Cross

Red Cross Weighs in on Drug Criminalization

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is one of the oldest and most eminent global health organizations in the world. IFRC influences the community-level services of millions of health professionals in its local and national chapters and is a respected leader in […]

The worst argument for NOT legalizing (updated)

The Brutal Logic of a Drug Warrior: Put ‘Em All in Cages

In The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf does a wonderful job of dismantling David P. Goldman’s column in the Asia Times.

Goldman’s notions are truly pathetic, involving solving Mexico’s problems by waging war against the poor and locking them all up, and Conor […]

The proper use of drug task forces

More of this, please.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple on Friday said he has shut down the department’s drug unit and reassigned the controversial squad’s investigators within his department.

“The Drug Interdiction Unit is no longer. … We’re going in a different direction,” Apple said. “We’re not going to turn our head to drug activity […]

Drug Czar: meet the Secretary of Defense

Apparently Defense Secretary Leon Panetta didn’t get the message that Gil Kerlikowske had ended the war on drugs.

Panetta set to announce more support for drug war

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta arrives in the Canadian capital Monday, where he is expected to announce new measures to support the fight against narcotics in the United […]

Governments having real conversations about the drug war (updated)

All options on the table in Central America. No decisions, but good discussions….


“We are talking about creating a legal framework to regulate the production, transit and consumption of drugs.” […]

“It’s important this is on the discussion table as an alternative to what we’ve been doing for 40 years without getting the desired […]