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November 2011



Headline of the day

Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Could Cause Window Washers to Fall From Large Buildings and Land on People

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30 comments to Headline of the day

  • dolt

    I _am_ a window cleaner, never worked in a bosun’s chair like in Scott’s photo but I’ve worked exterior high rise glass on a scaffold hanging from the roof, it’s very cool work.

    I did notice in the comments some idjit suggested drug testing for widow cleaners… wtf is this urge to microscopically examine our urine? _utters long list of profanities, packs bowl…_

    • Duncan20903

      C’mon allan, that cover story is old and tired, everyone knows that you’re a degenerate and extreme peeping tom, not a window cleaner. [drumroll][rimshot]

    • Plant Down Babylon

      I like the comment where there was a 40% chance the stoned window washer would land on a marijuana user.
      That % is only going to get bigger.
      Or maybe we’ll win the lottery and the stoned window washer lands on that kop!!!

  • thelbert

    it’s like ren & stimpy, world domination.

  • Nick

    “the natural human fear of having stuff fall from the sky”


  • Tyler

    Lot’s insults in the article, I can understand why though.

  • Don’t people working at heights have harnesses to keep them or their tools from falling? Can’t see how weed would make anyone take more risks and jump off a building… Reefer madness all over again…

    • harnessed indeed! And when yer ass is many many feet in the air, safety is pretty much at the top of the checklist.

      Actually more cool than hanging off the side of tall bldgs is doing the inside ceiling glass on atriums – very Tarzanish. When *cough* we could smoke in restricted areas inside buildings *hack* I used to work w/ a crew that did a major corp HQ smokers’ atrium inside glass… the nicotine infused wash water runs down your arm as you squeegee glass upside down and for the non-smokers on the crew it was quite a rush. Nicotine addicts even got a fair buzz… *wheeze*

      So yes, harnesses. As far as falling tools… no…. ya just don’t drop your shit! That’s like a really big no no. And amateurs don’t do high rise windows…

      Personally I love being able to say it’s my job getting high while at work! The guy I work w/ now loves that I like ladder and roof work, he’s 50# heavier…

      One of safest crews I’ve ever worked with in an occasionally semi-dangerous and always very physical job, smoked herb off and on as we worked. Wasn’t it the Jamaican study that said that those who work mundane, repetitive physical labor type jobs work better when they partake the good herb during their labors?

      And that sheriff? Dolt…

  • Francis

    Well, I guess this is a slightly more credible concern than the the drug warriors’ usual warning that the sky itself will fall if we end prohibition.

  • Dew-Bee

    Better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool…

    • Francis

      Lisa: “Better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

      Homer thinking: “What does that mean? Uh oh, better say something or they’ll think I’m stupid.”

      Homer: “Takes one to know one.”

  • Duncan20903

    Is there a committee that sits around and thinks up these fantasies somewhere? Perhaps it’s called The Bureau of Hysterical Rhetoric? Have their staff been properly urinalysisized? It seems to me that they sound like they may enjoy carbon monoxide when they get home from a long day of shoveling bullshit for a living. Can we risk having the brain damaged produce our nation’s officially sanctioned hysterical rhetoric?

    How in the world did these people get themselves released from the asylum?

  • claygooding

    They bribed the guards with brownies Duncan.

    I want to know how to draw money from the government to think up stupid stuff,,I can do it,,I know I can.

    • Duncan20903

      The problem is that their stupidity is built on a platform of malignant narcissism. I enjoy exercises in stupidity, as I’m certain all the regulars here know. But the worst harm my stupidities produce are Know Nothing prohibitionists having their itty bitty feelings hurt. Even that doesn’t happen often as for the most part stuff like that just flies right over their heads.

  • JDV

    A sheriff’s deputy said that. A man with the power to arrest you. Scary.

  • Francis

    Seriously, this is painfully stupid. Didn’t he get the memo of official occupations for use in anti-legalization fear mongering? They are: school bus driver, surgeon, and commercial pilot. I don’t see “window washers” on my copy.

    • Duncan20903

      Don’t forget the counter guy at the peep shows. Do we really want to take a chance of not getting the right number of tokens when we decide it’s time to watch smut in filthy cubicles? Someone has to keep order and protect the integrity of the porn shops of America.

  • […] be tough to be at the Occupy Wall Street protests with so many stoned Window Washers potentially falling from the sky onto people on the streets! Thanks as usual to Pete for the spectacular find: Perhaps we should start having cops preemptively […]

  • And I’m sorry but those who don’t smoke ganja shouldn’t be talking about what people who do smoke do do or don’t do. That’s back to the 3 blind men describing an elephant…

    WE are the experts on pot. Duh…

  • Matthew Meyer

    I think they raided the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam after reports of window washers falling from the sky near the venue.

    • Duncan20903

      Well there have been a couple of occasions where it rained stockbrokers on Wall Street. Were they smoking the devil’s lettuce? Is that why the stock market crashed?

      (PS the myth of stockbrokers committing suicide by defenestration on Black Monday, Black Tuesday, or Black Friday is an urban legend)

      • Leonard Junior

        Too bad; I would’ve cheered a swan dive.

        • Duncan20903

          Leonard, don’t be too disappointed, it’s only the method that’s a myth. For example, Jesse Livermore blew his brains out with a gun. OK, OK, he made a fortune on Black Tuesday and blew his brains out in 1940. Must you be such a nit picker?

          But suicide is not unknown among those involved in high finance. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a significantly higher rate of suicide in the profession versus the rate in the general population. Then again there might not, they just get a lot of publicity. Had you heard that Bernie Madoff’s son Mark committed suicide on the second anniversary of the Madoff scandal going public? Nice guy, hung himself in his home while his family was out of town so that they had the pleasure of finding a rotting corpse hanging in the living room when they returned. (c’mon, give a guy a bit of poetic license, willya?)

          WTF is a labradoodle?

  • cy klebs

    Maybe they’ll move the coffee shops from Amsterdam to Qatar. About as possible as seeing Bambi’s chief witness coach fall from the sky with the window washers!

  • darkcycle

    Well, he could be worried about Turkey, this being thanksgiving and all:

  • TorrentialProhibitionPrecipitation

    The discovery of the bodies follows the dumping of 16 charred corpses in the Sinaloan capital Culiacan on Wednesday.