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December 2010



TSA body scanners are doing the job

There’s been a lot of controversy over the new TSA body scanners at airports that can “see” through clothing. Since it’s unlikely that they would even catch the kind of terrorist device that they are being installed at great expense to prevent, what’s the use of them?

Now we know.

Via Toke of the Town.

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow, 51, was busted Thursday morning at Los Angeles International Airport after a TSA body scanner detected “an anomaly” in his pants, which turned out to be a bag of marijuana.

TSA — keeping California safe from rappers with marijuana.

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44 comments to TSA body scanners are doing the job

  • darkcycle

    Really, when you think about it, they justified the INITIAL expense of these machines by claiming they would catch terrorists. When these ‘terrorists’ are not caught by these machines, how will they justify their continued use? Especially when the inevitable terrorist attack comes in spite of their widespread employment? Drug arrests. They will justify them by pointing to drug arrests.

  • ezrydn

    Someone needs to affix a 3′ dong addition and run it down their pants leg and watch the look on the scanner’s face.

  • warren

    It never was about terrorist. It was about drugs and snoopy gestapo bastards. P.S. I wouldn`t fly on one of those half-ass maintained shit buckets anyway.

  • ezrydn

    A bit OT–We are 699 days away from the 2012 election. It seems like a long time but it’s really a very short time. Like the movie “When Worlds Collide,” we’re 699 days til “Zirus.”

  • You gotta be kidding....

    …I dont get why he thought he could get through security with a bag of weed…was he that high?

    I once seen a guy try get through with a hooka , guess ya gotta give ’em credit for tryin.

    Ya they will use any excuse to use these scanners. They made them and wont let them just sit…too many shareholders to serve.

  • Stacey

    We are all suspects now. Next, we will be turning each other in to the government. Call your congressional reps and senators and tell them no more. Also, cal that idiot Lieberman who is the head of the senate committee on Homeland Security. He loves these scanners.

  • Maria

    “an anomaly” Is it just me or is that quite a lovely creepy word? More and more, technology like this coupled with facial recognition, object / motion detection, and momentum extrapolation software will be used to justify detainment and searches in any location. Anomalous items, actions, behaviors, gestures, words; these things will be flagged. And already are.

    In their world of technicalities, none of this is actually searching us, they are just screenings (words are so very important). And only screenings for these amorphous anomalies, which of course they get to define. So what is an anomaly? Whatever it takes.

    These screenings, they’re like a doctors check up. It’s all perfectly, utterly, completely, reasonably, sanely civilized. Sheesh. Now go get screened. For the children.

    I’ll be flying for the holidays; maybe I should stuff the bouquet garni for our Christmas stew down my pants. Herbs are expensive you know.

  • e4hsdr5hjse45h

    “Clearly The D.E.A. Has NEVER Cared About People’s Safety!” – Judge Napolitano on FOX Business

  • Common Science

    These are very dangerous times. We’ve been getting hit with and adjusting to omnipotent Federal use of technology specifically against innocuous populations for decades now. They are at the same time losing the hearts and minds of thinking America, but pummelling their congregation with baseless fear mongering and stilted statistics.

    Remember the final sequence in the movie Seven? It feels like their Kevin Spacey taunting our Brad Pitt into doing the unthinkable aganst an evil entity. The Feds would relish the day a manifestation of that coups de grâce would hand them.

  • American ingenuity

    Kurtis should have invested in the scanner proof underwear. A metal fig leaf over delicate parts for men and a metal clutched hand for women. Earlier this week in Oklahoma a woman showed up for scanning in her underwear after a previous negative experience.

  • claygooding

    This is how I look when I am happy!

    Judiciary Committee Blocks Leonhart for DEA

  • sigh…

    And we just keep bending over… consumer sheep grazing the corporate meadow. (a phrase I came up with when writing as one of my college paper’s editors back in the late ’70s, truer today than then) Baaah…

    OT to this post… spring of 2009 I found myself discussing drug policy… with myself: Mexican Drug Wars: it’s your fault America. An interesting exchange.

    And I have to throw this in, remember, if you have a favorite cannabist that you want to get a unique cannaboidious gift for, I have The World’s Most Beautiful 2011 Marijuana Calendar! for sale. You’d be helping me and helping to keep me active in this movement. I’ve looked at the other 2011 cannabis calendars and they don’t compare (sorry Ed, but if you want a freaking gorgeous calendar next year, hire me to shoot it). In fact you don’t have to buy the calendar, you can buy those same images as blank note cards if you just click thru to my galleries. My pictures are better than my letters-to-the-editor and I know that’s hard to believe. heh…

    Chins up mates. Keep pushing, keep swinging those hammers. The Drug War Wall has safety cones and caution flagging up all around it, it’s that unstable. Besides, is a TSA patdown any worse than giving up your pee?

  • Very nice Clay! Get those hardhats on folks!

  • Cobb

    But yet, its perfectly possible to smuggle a nuclear warhead through a Tijuana drug tunnel, Americans are walking right into a fascist/police state faster than people can imagine.

  • Cliff

    “In their world of technicalities, none of this is actually searching us, they are just screenings (words are so very important).”

    Welcome to the scientific dictatorship. It’s about mind control / psyops and teaching us to believe that the virtual prison they are creating around everyone is a good thing.

  • aye Cliff… the patina of legitimacy is rubbing thin in spots.

  • Common Science

    Thanks for some good news to start the weekend with Clay. “…it is likely that the White House will look beyond her for a new nominee to head DEA early next year.” I was hoping that Leonhart was going to be shown the door right after the election on Obama’s expressing a desire for new direction towards evidence-based policies.

    I get so low, I get so high,
    I believe I feel the vapours nigh.

    If the DEA is not going to be abolished, then I nominate Donald Tashkin to relace Michelle Leonhart. After all he toiled under the National Institute on Drug Abuse inirially to find proof for them that marijuana use lead to pulmonary disease and cancer. In this capacity I would delight in his reputation for deriving results benefiting society through science, over the motivations of his employers.

  • claygooding

    The rumor was that she was the only person that would take the job because of the fear that the failure to reduce drug availability by our entrenched prohibition cartel is going to be the death of the DEA.or at least a major change in it’s role and budget. This is getting real interesting.

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tiffany Miller, Eva Miranda. Eva Miranda said: TSA body scanners are doing the job: There's been a lot of controversy over the new TSA body scanners at airport… […]

  • darkcycle

    Leonhart will not be missed.
    Disallowing pain killers to people in nusing homes and HOSPICE. It’s too bad I don’t believe in hell. I am something of a Bhuddist, though, and can easily envision a newly hatched body louse with the name Michelle.

  • Rabo Karabekian

    Airports should have a sign saying fourth amendment free zone. Allan420 a good point about being consumerist commodities. Consumers don’t really count as a citizens or even mere mundanes and have no rights. Welcome to the neo-feudalism.

  • Dark Days Indeed....

    …Yes friends, its getting scary out there. From the DEA to the TSA, from th FBI to the FCC . We free people will be charged and caged for crimes that are not crimes.

    When agencies like the DEA can make thier own laws , freedoms ring will be silenced.

    Good bye America the beautiful, land of the free home of the brave. Say hello to Amerika the terrible , land of Brutality home of the slave.

  • malcolm kyle

    Mary Sanchez correctly recognizes the inevitable and perpetual market but still appears to blame users for the carnage in Mexico:

    There will always be drug buyers and sellers. This much you can bet on: the U.S. drug market will insist on being served.

    What can change is the drug cartels’ influence on Mexico’s law enforcement, courts, elected officials and public safety. Those changes are about military force, but more importantly about training, prosecution of the corrupt, and decreasing poverty – always the handmaiden of crime. These lofty endeavors will take time. And Calderon has two years left in office.

    How can we Americans help? We can start by getting the semantics right about the drug war. Mexico is fighting it; U.S. consumers are feeding it.

  • Dark Days Indeed....

    How can we Americans help? We can start by getting the semantics right about the drug war. Mexico is fighting it; U.S. consumers are feeding it.

    This paragraph alone shows just how out of touch they really are with reality.Or are they.

    Government creates the means(prohibition) by which cartels enrich/empower themselves. Then they blame those of us caught in the middle of thier struggle(meaning the government and the cartels). Funny how thier laws cause government and cartel alike to gain power and the people to lose power…and freedom.

    Yes please, lets get the semantics right.

  • Matthew Meyer

    That’s The Breaks, Kurtis.

  • darkcycle

    Kurtis is currently denying that this arrest occurred. It may be another issue of semantics, as he’s only denying arrest. In Cal. the law of the land is now a fine, so it seems unlikely he was detained.
    Regardless. He is denying.

  • Duncan20903

    I’ve got no hatred of these full body scanners. Actually to the contrary, the TSA drones disgust and infuriate me and previously I couldn’t do anything but say “thank you sir, may I have another?” But now I can force them to look at my nekkid body. That will certainly teach a lesson that they sorely need to be taught.

    I’m hoping that 10s of millions of people will quit flying because of this nonsense. It will cut down the time spent passing the security check point and I hate to wait.

    I figure that the odds be 50/50 that it will be so much fun watching the TSA people retching their guts out after looking at my scan that I might just go ahead and exit then do it again.

    (S.D.: that’s a joke son. Perhaps more accurately described as an attempted joke.)

  • malcolm kyle

    WikiLeaks – At least 10 Dea Agents and 51 FBI agents murdered in Mexico between 2007 and 2009

    I haven’t been able to find an English Language report of this yet, so my sincere apologies to those unable to read Spanish.

  • darkcycle

    Thanks Mal. The Google can provide a decent translation, but according to my seldom-used Espaniol, the report actually says the following:
    10 DEA/Mex police Liason officers killed *and*
    51 “close contacts” to the FBI. The report is non-specific as to wether these were LE contacts or civilian informants.
    Until 2009, no direct attacks on US enforcement personel. Again, no further specifics on what or who or when.
    This is just confirmation that there’s a war on.

  • darkcycle

    My Spanish is still pretty good.

  • Shap

    A nation of sheep. There should be way more outrage over these scanners and pat downs. But alas, Americans just lay back and take it. Really pathetic.

  • darkcycle

    Just imagine the fun you could have with a little pre-flight trip to the adult store.

  • vicky vampire

    Oh my Clay this made my weekend lets hope they can keep the wacky coldhearted leonheart tied up incommitee and maybe eventually boot her sorry ass out the DEA door for good.

  • DdC

    TSA: Gate Rape of America thread
    * TSA body scanners are doing the job by Pete Guither
    * Via Toke of the Town
    * A link to the scanner proof underwear
    * TSA Policing Media’s Use of Scanner Images
    * ACLU: Flying Americans Fear Being Put On Government Watch List
    * “Rebellion”: State Lawmakers Prepare To Kick Out TSA Goons
    * CNN Reporter Put On Watch List After Criticizing TSA
    * DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice
    * Gate Rape of America By Douglas J. Hagmann

  • Duncan20903

    Shap, please buy an airline ticket to, umm, heck, say to Iran or Libya. One way please, and pay in cash. Pay full price so your ticket is refundable because you’ll want to get your money back after you show us how it’s done. Take plenty of cash to buy a return ticket, and at least $10,000 in spending money. Carry a copy of the Koran to show your support for the 1st Amendment. Make sure to video tape the interaction so that we can watch your experience on Youtube. I’ll be right there rooting for you in spirit!

    One caveat, if you’re using Jedi mind tricks, that’s cheating.

  • darkcycle

    Duncan, you can’t use cash anymore. That’s right, there in the corner, where it says “legal Tender for ALL debts, public and private” ? Strike the word “all”.

  • Duncan20903

    darkcycle, they never even bat an eyelash when they look in the suitcase reserved for my traveling sex toy collection. But the tube of lube gets them very excited. Go figure that one out.

    Three Cheers for Ms. Leonhart getting her walking papers!

    Ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho!

    Hit the road jane. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • Duncan20903

    Legal tender for doesn’t mean that anyone is required to to accept it short of a court order.

    I never use the stuff. I think I have some $34 in my wallet and that same currency has been there for several years. I am the guy who charges a cup of coffee at the 7-11.

    I admit they snuck the no cash for airline tickets rule past me. When the heck did that happen? It certainly messes up some of my best paradoxical rhetoric. Rat bastards.

    Seriously, cash is going the way of the Dodo bird, buggy whips, and the newspapers.

  • Duncan20903

    Hey DC are you sure about that?

    I know for a fact I can get Southwest tickets for cash, albeit indirectly. The Safeway up the streets sell SW gift cards. Not only do they accept cash for GCs they get conniption fits if you try using another payment method.


    It sure looks like you can still pay cash for a fee by going to a Western Union POS. It doesn’t seem to indicate a need for ID either.

  • darkcycle

    In both cases you’re giving your cash to a third party now aren’t you? Duncan, go down to the United Airlines desk and pay with cash. They’s not gonna take it, and they’ll report you to H.S. the minute you walk away from the counter.
    Credit card companies are tops on my list of badguys. They will drain you of every nickel they can get. I used to have well over the national average in C.C. debt, ’till I figured out how much that would cost me, even if I paid in full each month. Now, I pay cash, and I walk around with money in my pocket AND in my bank account.

  • Duncan20903

    No DC, no third party involved in the first link.

    Pay for your airline tickets in cash – it’s easy! Cash payments may be made at any American Airlines Airport Ticket Counter, Travel Center or any participating Western Union location.

  • Shap

    Duncan, I don’t get it