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August 2010



Just Say Now

Had a great time with my friend in Chicago this past weekend, and now have my Dad visiting to see the Shakespeare Festival shows, and my Sister and niece are coming tomorrow for a couple of days, so I still have only a few moments a day to check on news.

I had several hundred spams built up in the comment spam filter and ended up accidentally dumping them all, so I apologize if any of your comments got caught in there and I didn’t rescue them.

And I feel remiss about not having reported about the wonderful Just Say Now campaign put together by FireDogLake and SSDP. Go over there and show them some support.

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11 comments to Just Say Now

  • Nick

    Would you once in a while enjoy your vacation?
    Just Say Now had a little over 7000 hits on huff post in under 7 hours.
    More than me included
    You’re making progress Pete.
    Just don’t relax.

  • Chris – Completely devoid of any facts on the other side in this video.

  • primus

    I want a T shirt with a big cannabis leaf overlaid with “Just Say Now” and below the leaf, “Legalize”. If I lived in California, I would want one that said “Yes on Prop 19” below the leaf instead.

  • Shap

    Wow, Bishop Ron Allen is an even louder bojangling idiot than I thought. I mean I get how prohibitionists don’t give a shit about facts but wow, I don’t think there was even a single fact in his entire segment.

  • Duncan

    Can someone give me a clue to explain how the inmates got to be in charge of the asylum? Seriously, it is totally baffling to me how a man like “Bishop” Allen is taken as anything other than a lunatic? Also, is his first name “Bishop”, or is that supposed to be a title? If it’s a title, who is it that conferred on him that status, or is he a self declared “bishop”?

  • Duncan

    OK, I found it on the google, “Bishop” is his self anointed title. Yeah, and I’m the Pope of Greenwich Village.

  • Maria

    “Marijuana does have an effect, it’s called THC.”
    “Mexico has legalized all drugs!”
    “Extacy is different then alcohol and tabbaco is different then marijuana [blah blah] … and that’s why they call it dope … and when people ask me what about alcohol?!…. comon! it is a real, it is a dope, it is a mind altering drug.”

    (Yes sir, many things can be called a dope.)

    That “preachers” ranting is rather amusing even though he comes across as a frightening, incoherent, prideful caricature of a man. The hostess wasn’t particularly coherent either. Aaron you are a very patient man.

  • ezrydn

    I always liked “Just Say KNOW!”

  • this jackass should get all the attention he possibly can.

    the truly beautiful irony of it all is that it was people like the “bishop” who started all of this in the first place using the exact same language and histrionics.

    it’s coming full-circle and will consume itself.

    we should probably start using the ouroboros as a symbol for the end of the drug war

  • Tim

    It didn’t help his case that he used video streaming. Makes him sounds even crazier.

  • Duncan

    I really don’t care why they call it dope. I want to know why they call it ‘muggles’.