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May 2008
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Bob Barr is the Libertarian Candidate for President

Reformed drug warrior Bob Barr has been named the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President. Update: Root will be VP nominee

Ah, that disconnect

Mark L. Schneider has an OpEd in the Christian Science Monitor: Rethink The Fight Against Cocaine This is another one of those articles that starts out pretty much right on track — identifying the failures of the war on drugs…

Every year, White House officials describe the US counterdrug policies in the same glowing terms […]

And the justice system goes even more to the dogs

The Michigan Court of appeals apparently doesn’t really understand the Constitution.

The Michigan Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 ruling released Wednesday, said police may use dogs to sniff outside a house for drugs without a search warrant. A Wayne County judge had suppressed evidence and dismissed marijuana charges against Detroiter Jeffrey Jones — who […]

Open Thread

“bullet” 30 Years of Failure. Radley Balko talks to Ed Burns about the Drug War.
“bullet” Government Marijuana Scare Stories Deliberately Confuse Correlation with Causation from the ACLU blog.
“bullet” Barbara Kay lines her cage with the National Post and drops this madness Not your mother’s reefer

The verdict on the new marijuana is in, and it’s “guilty.”

The Post’s Colby Cosh responds

So may we expect Ms. Kay to don her bonnet, pick up her hatchet and take up the battle against the legal poisons that openly kill thousands of Canadians every year Ö as opposed to an illicit one that millions enjoy, and that rarely, if ever, takes a life?

This is followed by a lame Schwarzenegger impression: Barbara Kay on the marijuana legalization debate: “I’ll be back…”

[Thanks, Tim]

“bullet” Drug policy chases weeds, misses needs by Jim Stingl
“bullet” Time to escalate the violence. Both the Senate and the House have passed versions of Plan Mexico.
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”


Transform reports on an interesting development in Vietnam:

Vietnam’s National Assembly is considering decriminalizing drug use, downgrading the personal use of illegal narcotics from a criminal offense to an administrative violation, a Vietnamese legislator said Friday. […] “Being addicted to or using drugs should be considered a disease, and should only be subject to administrative […]

A question for prohibitionists…

You claim that it’s drugs that cause violence, not the drug war, so… Now that you’ve had decades to show results, with billions of dollars spent, can you show me some proof that there has been any reduction in violence and corruption as a result of making drugs illegal? … in the United States? … […]

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Mike S. Adams recently had a baffling column over at University Awards Criminal Justice Degree to Cocaine Dealer In a nutshell, one of his students at University of North Carolina-Wilmington was arrested for selling cocaine, spent several months in jail and had to drop out of school for a semester, but was re-admitted while […]

Rachel Morningstar Foundation

In the memory of Rachel Hoffman, her parents have established the Rachel Morningstar Foundation, the goal of which is to pass a law requiring legal advice to be sought before a civilian can consent to undercover work. They will also work to decriminalize marijuana in Florida. Go Rachel.

How much pot?

Apparently people are having complicated and heated discussions regarding how much marijuana a medical marijuana patient should be allowed to possess. I find it difficult to get very interested in that debate, although I understand that it’s important for the patients. Here’s what I do think, however.

Law enforcement does not have a dog in […]

More stupid people tricks

Art Hanger is a Member of Canadian Parliament and chairman of the House of Commons Justice Committee and he has written one of the most moronic OpEds I’ve read in some time. He’s complaining about the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision saying that suspicion-less sniffing of backpacks by dogs is a violation of the right to […]