Open Thread

“bullet” 30 Years of Failure. Radley Balko talks to Ed Burns about the Drug War.
“bullet” Government Marijuana Scare Stories Deliberately Confuse Correlation with Causation from the ACLU blog.
“bullet” Barbara Kay lines her cage with the National Post and drops this madness Not your mother’s reefer

The verdict on the new marijuana is in, and it’s “guilty.”

The Post’s Colby Cosh responds

So may we expect Ms. Kay to don her bonnet, pick up her hatchet and take up the battle against the legal poisons that openly kill thousands of Canadians every year Ö as opposed to an illicit one that millions enjoy, and that rarely, if ever, takes a life?

This is followed by a lame Schwarzenegger impression: Barbara Kay on the marijuana legalization debate: “I’ll be back…”

[Thanks, Tim]

“bullet” Drug policy chases weeds, misses needs by Jim Stingl
“bullet” Time to escalate the violence. Both the Senate and the House have passed versions of Plan Mexico.
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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