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June 2006



This is just too… hard to pass up

Rush Limbaugh was detained at Palm Beach International Airport for having drugs without a valid prescription. The drug? Viagra.

[Via TalkLeft]

Drugs are Not Child’s Play

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has declared today “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.” And they’re doing it with the theme “Drugs are Not Child’s Play,” which ranks in terms of pure exploitive hype right alongside National Lampoon’s Buy This [Magazine] or We’ll Shoot This Dog — just not as […]

Robert Novak, Colombia’s Johnny Roundup

Ever have one of those days when you just feel like you’re dealing with jerks and idiots all day? Today’s one of them. Starting out with Anthony Maria Costa and John Walters, and now… Robert Novak (or as John Stewart liked to call him: “Douchebag for Liberty”) Novak has a particularly ugly, false, and partisan […]

UN and US Drug Czars’ New Message: Cocaine and Heroin as Safe as Marijuana!

Via Pushing Back: “Among the key findings of the U.N. World Drug Report…”

Today, the characteristics of cannabis are no longer that different from those of other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

[Thanks, Daksya]

— In other news, mother’s milk determined to share many of the characteristics of other liquid-based beverages such as […]

World drug czar claims victory

Anthony Maria Costa is sort of John Walters, but on a global scale. He’s in charge of the UN Office on Drug and Crime, which pretty much has as its goal the imposition of United States’ failed drug policy on the rest of the world. (It’s the one part of the UN our government seems […]