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March 2006



Nearly Half Of Americans Believe Pot Should Be Regulated Like Alcohol


Nearly one out of two Americans support amending federal law “to let states legally regulate and tax marijuana the way they do liquor and gambling,” according to a national poll of 1,004 likely voters by Zogby International and commissioned by the NORML Foundation. Forty-six percent of respondents — including a majority of those […]

Philippines both winning and losing the drug war

I found this article from the Philippine Star interesting, even though the butchering of the English language makes it sometimes a little confusing. Basically it says that, despite the fact that the United States called the Philippines “a drug trafficker’s paradise,” saying the illegal drug trade in the country has evolved into a billion-dollar industry, […]

Judge objects to harsh crack sentencing guidelines

Via TalkLeft U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Presnell in Orlando, FL refused to apply the Federal crack cocaine sentencing guidelines. He ruled:

This arbitrary and discriminatory disparity between powder and crack cocaine implicates the Section 3553(a)(2)(A) factors. Unless one assumes the penalties for powder cocaine are vastly too low, then the far-higher penalties for crack […]

Drug Czar caught

Not only can’t the Drug Czar go around unchallenged any more, even the Press is realizing that they can’t automatically believe everything he says, and is asking questions (and catching the lies).

The White House drug czar yesterday sounded the alarm on high school kids drinking and drugging during spring break but backed away from […]

Drug Testing Summit gets opposition

Jennifer Kern at Drug Policy Alliance writes about her experience at the Czar’s drug testing summit on Wednesday. Due to the efforts of an incredible number of people in a variety of organizations, it’s becoming impossible for the Drug Czar to operate completely unchallenged.