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July 2005
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Devastating Downing Street Memo

No, not that one… This one: Secret report says war on hard drugs has failed:

A secret Downing Street report on crack and heroin, suppressed by ministers, has discovered that the government’s war on drugs has failed.

The document, seen by The Observer, was one of several papers on key areas of government policy prepared […]

Study: Smoking Pot Does NOT Cause Lung Cancer!

Libby beat me to this one, too. I’d really like to see this in some other media sources, but this is very exciting news. In fact, it should be front page. From Fred Gardner at CounterPunch, comes this:

Marijuana smoking -“even heavy longterm use”- does not cause cancer of the lung, upper airwaves, or esophagus, […]

Marijuana growers prefer to be law-abiding power consumers

Libby at Last One Speaks nails it. This article in the Globe and Mail points out that the police in Canada are having a harder time busting grow-ops since a new privacy regulation prevents utility companies from ratting out paying customers based on their power consumption. Between the lines, though, you immediately see that the […]

Supreme Analysis

While much of the press is going to go nuts analyzing the future of three or four specific issues (probably not including the 4th, 9th, or 10th amendments — my areas of concern), this article at Reason is one of the most interesting. Reason interviewed a wide range of legal experts (from the left to […]