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March 2005



Walters, Souder, and other U.S. Officials Push for Millions More AIDS Deaths

Yes, this goes beyond hyperbole. It’s a coordinated campaign to purposely cause the deaths of potentially millions of innocent people. Let’s take a look. “bullet” On February 16, Mark Souder held a circus of a hearing: “Harm Reduction or Harm Maintenance: Is There Such a Thing as Safe Drug Use?” (See the report in the […]

Marijuana and the Deaths of Officers

Two situations involving the death of officers, in two different countries, are causing some lively discussion on the net right now. 1. Alberta, Canada. I reported earlier about the four RMCP officers killed by a suicidal maniac who may have been growing marijuana among his other problems. Naturally, the immediate knee-jerk response by many politicians […]

Government Reports Massive Abuse of Treatment Resources, Tries to Shift Blame

The Drug Czar’s “blog” (where EVERY day is Tuesday!) reported today (Tuesday, March 4): “A Wake-Up Call: Admissions to Treatment for Marijuana use Increases Sharply” The startling data:

Admission rates for primary marijuana increased nationally by 162 percent between 1992 and 2002

Their conclusion:

The report serves as a “wake-up call” for parents and young […]

Four Victims in Alberta

Several people have passed on articles to me about the tragic killing of four RMCP officers by a maniac who had a marijuana grow-op and ended up killing himself. There have been a number of good discussions about this around the web. The best I’ve seen so far is this article in the National Post […]

Positive press response in Seattle

The Kings County Bar Association proposal was released yesterday to the press and, while it’s gotten no coverage to speak of so far outside of Seattle, both the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post Intelligencer gave it some nice positive coverage. It is clearly being seen as an opening salvo in a long-term effort.

Proponents […]

Liberals and Prohibition

Serial Catowner has written an interesting and provocative post for Guest Drug WarRants. Check it out and leave your comments. Remember, anybody that would like to write your own material about the drug war is welcome to do so for Guest Drug WarRants. Just send me your post.

Big News! King County Bar Association tells Washington State to defy Feds and Completely Revolutionize Drug Policy

Thanks to Blog Reload, and an article in The Stranger. The King County Bar Association (KCBA), Seattle Washington, has approved a sweeping, comprehensive, and (frankly) amazing Drug Policy Resolution that will be released tomorrow. They are calling upon the State of Washington to take over the regulation and dispensation of drugs currently under federal prohibition, […]


I’ve been asked why I haven’t written on Hunter Thompson. Too daunting, I suppose.
I’ll let Fred Reed speak for me. This tribute says the most to me right now. (via TalkLeft)

Hunter Thompson: AllæGoneæNow

It’s a tribute, not an explanation. Only Hunter could explain himself and he chose not to.


From Editor and Publisher (Thanks David)

At least three of the approximately 300 ‘Boondocks’ clients dropped today’s strip mentioning President Bush’s alleged former drug use.

Aaron McGruder’s comic showed one character saying: “Bush got recorded admitting that he smoked weed.” Another character replies: “Maybe he smoked it to take the edge off the coke.”

According […]

Narcs scramble for loose change from terrorist victims

Loretta pointed me to an interesting lobbying group: The National Narcotics Officers’ Associations’ Coalition. Well, naturally, they are outraged at the proposed cuts in the Federal Government’s drug control budget (Remember: the overal federal drug control budget is higher. What has been cut includes the Byrne task force grants, which were ineffective and tied to […]