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March 2005



Why the Market Argument is Bogus in Raich

Anslinger, I mean, Walters, hits a new low

One of yesterday’s entries on the drug czar’s blog:

The Red Lake Shooter and Drugs

Some disturbing content on the Red Lake shooter’s blog has come to light. Jeff Weise, the teenager who allegedly shot and killed 9 people at Red Lake High School, Minnesota wrote, “I’m nothin’ but your average Native American stoner. I’m […]

We put our freedom in their hands

The Las Vegas Review Journal is justifiably suspicious about this atrocity:

Editorial: Metro cop planted drugs in suspect’s car Sheriff says suspensions will suffice

While officers were in the process of arresting local resident Mark Lilly last July on suspicion of selling harmless legal substances and claiming they were narcotics, an official police spokesman now […]

Jacob Sullum takes on the Times

Check out this excellent rebuttal at Hit and Run to yesterday’s stupid New York Times article on medical marijuana.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s imminent decision in Ashcroft v. Raich, the medical marijuana case, The New York Times ran a bizarre story that suggests cannabis is more likely to drive a patient insane […]

New York Times Writer Can’t Read

Dan Hurley’s article tomorrow in the New York times is a strange, unbalanced article about medical marijuana, giving a lot of space to opponents, and then claiming there isn’t enough “clinical” evidence to support medical marijuana. The problem is that he can’t even read his own article. Take a look first at some of the […]

Up to 50% of Canadian Press Reporters have Sex with Chickens

Via Hit and Run comes this bizarre factoid presented by Lorraine Turchansky in the Canadian Press

Up to 50 per cent of users can be addicted after the first dose of crystal meth…

What does that mean? Up to 50 per cent? Can be? Zero fits that definition. The only thing that can be determined […]

Even with Blinders On, Two New Studies Can See the Rotting Carcass of our Drug Policy

Are We Losing the War on Drugs? An Analytic Assessment of U.S. Drug Policy By David Boyum and Peter Reuter American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (Released March 25, 2005)

How Goes the “War on Drugs”? An Assessment of U.S. Drug Problems and Policy By Jonathan P. Caulkins, Peter H. Reuter, Martin […]

More idiocy

Stupid Drug Wars

Scientists Still Trying to Discover the Cause of Idiot Reporter and Judge

“News” Article in The Daily Telegraph (Australia) by Angela Kamper:

Chloe died because we all failed her

SMOKING marijuana drove Timothy Kosowicz mad and he strangled an angelic little girl. …

“This seems to be yet another example of the link between cannabis use and mental illness, a link which from my judicial experience and […]