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January 2005



Jon Stewart takes on the Drug Czar

Nice little segment on The Daily Show tonight — Jon led it off with the illegal media pieces by the Drug Czar and segued into the Dept. of Education payola scandal. And had a little fun with it as always. Stewart:

ONDCP – That’s the Office of National Drug Control Policy, voted least fun Christmas […]

Who do you trust?

Interesting column in the New York Daily News by Denis Hamill

In 1969, as a hippie kid at Woodstock, I sat in the mud with a score of Brooklyn pilgrims from Prospect Park’s Hippie Hill listening to festival organizers shouting over the loudspeakers to the 400,000 zonked-out druggies, “Beware of the brown acid, man! If […]

More on that Carnival Cruise bust…

Scott comes through for me (as always) with the full details of the Jam Cruise 3 drug bust (including, bizarrely, photos of all those arrested and video of the news coverage). “Jam Cruise 3” Lands Twelve in Jail Before Ship Ever Leaves The Dock

The scenario was the same, over and over. As more than […]

A couple of things to check out

“bullet” Loretta Nall’s debate last night turned out relatively non-controversial as her “opponent” was mostly in agreement. (It’s hard to get the real prohibitionists to debate since their position has so little factual base.) You can get the story (and listen to the show) at Loretta’s blog. “bullet” John at High: The true tale of […]

Houston OpEd lays out the truth about marijuana

In yesterday’s Houston Chronicle, defense attorney Brian Samuelson has written an outstanding piece: Lawyer’s Plea on Pot Penalty. Basically, he’s calling for decriminalization and gives quite a number of excellent practical reasons for it. He also, though, lays on the line the truths that are seldom told in public. Here’s a taste:

In fact, the […]