Who do you trust?

Interesting column in the New York Daily News by Denis Hamill

In 1969, as a hippie kid at Woodstock, I sat in the mud with a score of Brooklyn pilgrims from Prospect Park’s Hippie Hill listening to festival organizers shouting over the loudspeakers to the 400,000 zonked-out druggies, “Beware of the brown acid, man! If you’ve dropped the bad brown acid, report immediately to the medical tent, man!” …

Judging by recent events, you get more truth from drug culture than pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration.

On three separate holiday-related occasions, I was sitting around gabbing with friends in Brooklyn and Queens and one of the first topics to arise was the reluctant revelations by the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies that they are literally killing us by the tens of thousands with these deadly prescription drugs they are hawking with less conscience than streetcorner dope pushers.

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