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December 2003



Happy Holidays

I’ll be away visiting family over the next few days. And while our drug czar has not taken a vacation from his lies, I don’t feel like reporting his comments at this time. So I leave you with this tree and some reading suggestions. Feel free to browse through the site and check out […]

No joy in Canada

The federal law making possession of small amounts of marijuana illegal does not violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada’s top court says. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6-3 Tuesday that jailing someone with small amounts is constitutional. This means that marijuana policy reform is going to be up to the government, […]

Excellent article.

Where’s the Compassion by Doug Bandow at National Review Online.

But the drug laws are the real dangerous threats to public health and safety. The only way to protect the public is to guarantee the right of the sick to use marijuana and to stop jailing pot smokers who just want to get high.


Why is Marijuana Illegal?

The most common Google search referral that I get is the phrase ‘Why is marijuana illegal?’ Not a day goes by without that search term at least once, usually many more times than that.

Read Why is Marijuana Illegal?.

Yann Kumin and Marc Hordon arrested for marijuana possession

Via TalkLeft Oh, and their companion, an Al Gore III, was also arrested. Just three of the more than one million people arrested this year for simple possession charges.

Justice Department sues Mississippi

Via Atrios, this CBS news report Feds Allege Youth Camps Abuse

Among the abuses uncovered: suicidal girls were stripped naked and placed in solitary confinement in a dark cell with only a drain for a toilet, boys were forced to run with mattresses strapped to their backs, girls who threw up while running in […]

Missouri considering drug stamp tax

ACLU Challenges DEA’s Use Of RAVE Act To Target NORML Events

Portland, OR: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon recently filed a complaint with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over the agency’s effort to shut down the second annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards Banquet, sponsored by Oregon NORML. Though the Banquet went on as scheduled at the Doubletree Hotel, DEA officials approached the […]

FDA Approves First Ever Clinical Trial Comparing Inhaled Marijuana To Vaporized Pot

Bill Maher on Larry King

Yesterday’s Larry King show, included this exchange with Bill Maher and a caller:

KING: Oakville, Ontario, hello. CHAMNEY: Hi, Mr. Maher, I’m absolutely thrilled to be speaking with you. MAHER: Well, I’m thrilled to be talking to you, too. CHAMNEY: My question for you is, do you plan on staying behind the marijuana mission? […]