The war on drugs expands into new territories

Good article by the wonderful Maia Szalavitz in the New York Times: The War on Drugs Has a Warning for Post-Roe America

Under Roe, most obstetricians and gynecologists didn’t face this level of legal peril. But this isn’t the first time America has criminalized aspects of medicine. Physicians who prescribe controlled substances like opioids carry a similar burden. They can face decades in prison if prosecutors target them for overprescribing. Although there are cases of bad actors who prescribed opioids for profit, even legitimate physicians may fear being targeted by law enforcement, and research shows that the threat of legal action has a broad chilling effect on the way doctors provide care. The war on drugs shows that when medicine is criminalized and politicized, harm to patients and doctors increases, while the activities that the laws are intended to curb continue or even increase.[…]

Terrified of legal action, some physicians are already taking extreme measures to protect themselves from abortion prosecutions, such as ending women’s prescriptions for an immune disorder treatment, methotrexate, because if they get pregnant, it can cause miscarriage.

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2 Responses to The war on drugs expands into new territories

  1. Servetus says:

    It’s not only doctors who are legally driven to prioritize their careers over their patients’ healthcare as it’s been with cannabinoids, opioids, and the drug war.

    People will now want to read the fine print in their new health insurance contract that may be depriving them of the optimum medical care they need, something that’s happened before with contraceptives. Hospital staff with a moral agenda will add to the confusion of where to find legally available health care that includes abortifacients. Staffing conflicts in hospitals will intensify. Catholicism could finally succeed in taking condoms off the market.

    The Justices already know they’re about to receive a flurry of litigations for their decision. It’s always useful to look at the probability of future legal problems with the Roe v Wade reversal. And Dodd v United States gives new meaning to the idea of legal confusion.

    Given a very small group seriously ignorant of the life sciences comprising boundary value problems or sophisms concerning abortion, how will the Supreme Six rule on cases like these? Suppose for whatever reason a police raid on a location causes a woman to go into severe shock and suffer a miscarriage. Can police now be charged with a crime like manslaughter or 2nd degree murder? Can or will they be immune from being sued? Good luck on finding a solution.

  2. Servetus says:

    The15th World Congress on Polyphenols (AKA cannabinoids) is set to convene at “ADEIT ‘Fundación Universitat’, Valencia, Spain, & Online.” On September 30 it will address cannabinoids:

    “It is very important for our scientific committee to talk about the credibility of cannabis research and their medical applications. We will highlight the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids, the analysis of cannabinoids, the influence of mitochondria, the application of cannabinoids as anticancer…”…

    AAAS Public Science News Release: Medical cannabis, cannabinoids and derivatives will be highlighted during the 15th World Congress on Polyphenols. Applications 2022 this September.

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